Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nike Hyperdunk ‘That Aint Right’ Pack

"Upon the release of the Nike Hyperdunk several ads were ran with players wearing the shoes with common basketball ‘trash talk’ phrases written upon them. However one of these ads was almost immediately pulled upon the release because of it’s somewhat implied homophobic or over sexual tone. Nike’s ‘That Aint Right’ ad featured a player dunking the ball over a defender who’s face was just so happened to be buried in the offensive players crotch. In a surprise move several months later, Nike has released a set of Hyperdunks inspired by this controversial ad. The set features two colorways that seem to be taken directly from the players uniforms while the ‘That Aint Right’ slogan graces the bottom of the shoes icey out soles." - SneakerNews

Head to Nike if you want a pair or 3


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